Knives Out review

Rian Johnson is known for directing what people said is the best episode of Breaking Bad Ozymandias and the not so popular Star Wars: the Last Jedi (I liked it though) and now he’s directed a whodonut movie that people are praising. Usually mystery movies such as the whodunit type of mystery now seem too predictable. Well I’m here to solve the mystery of what makes Knives Out so great.

Suspect 1, characters: The big stand out in the cast is Danial Craig as Benoit Blanc. He’s such a great and enjoyable modern version of Sherlock Holmes. Danial Craig may be lead actor but the heart of the movie belongs to Ana De Armas as Marta Cabrera who’s also really great. There’s such a kindness and sympathy for her and you feel sorry for her and want to come out of this alive. No wonder Harlan left her his inheritance. Though it’s also because his family is full of assholes. Still the performances from the family are very enjoyable. I also like the two cops.

Suspect 2, humor: The movie has really great writing, not just in the story or dialogue but also the humor. This movie has a lot of great funny moments. A lot of the lines said by the cast, especially Benoit’s monologue about donuts and donut holes. Sure the movie is slow at times but the comedy really helps make every scene fun to watch.

Suspect 3, twists: Big SPOILERS here, because since this is a whodunit movie you probably expect there to be spoilers. Marta thought she accidently gave Harlan the wrong drug which he decides to commit suicide to cover it up. We find out that Ransom switched the medications assuming she’d give Harlan the wrong one but she’s done this so many times she actually gave him the right medication by mistake. This movie is full of well thought out twists that help progress the story.

So you’re probably wondering what makes Knives Out so great? All three suspects! It’s no mystery that Knives Out is one of the best mystery movies to come out recently. It’s fun, suspenseful and makes you excited to see how the mystery is solved. Case closed!

+ Ana de Armas
+ Danial Craig
+ Great comedy
+ The cast
+ Well-crafted twists
– Slow at times

Score: A


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