Promare review

What’s the deal with firemen in anime now? Must be a new fad. Last year I went to see May and the Witch’s Flower which I thought was a real treat, this year I saw Promare. Sure my brother and I had to driver all the way to Vancouver Washington but man was it worth it. This is in my opinion one the best anime movies I’ve ever seen. Right up there with some of the movies from Ghibli.

I love every character in this movie. Every one of them has distinct and enjoyable personalities and memorable and stylish designs that fits their character. I really enjoy seeing these characters work off each other. I even like the romance between Galo and Aina. I also think Kray was an effective villain and I want to give props to this movie revealing him as the villain earlier then in the last half (I’m looking at you Disney). The real stand out characters are the two leads Galo and Leo (though my favorite character is Lucia Fex because of how crazy she is). Both have really noble moral codes. Galo could’ve just been a jerk/glory hog hero but he does have some nobility to him because wants to save people. Leo at first feels like a villain but he says that he only kills when he has to and tries to save his people.

The action scene are incredibly awesome. The opening action scene was a fantastic way to establish the characters, story and what kind of action scenes we’d be seeing. What really helped was the animation. Studio Trigger is known for its fast-paced animation and Promare is no exception. I will admit the climax did go on for a long time and there were moments it could’ve stopped there but kept going but that’s my only nitpick. Still the animation is very colorful and like I said before the character designs are perfect.

I don’t mean to betray Pixar but this is the best animated movie of 2019 and the best movie of 2019 since Avengers: Endgame. I loved every minute of it and it makes me respect Anime a lot more. If anyone from the Academy Awards is reading this please may I suggest nominating this for Best Animated Feature? I really hope Studio Trigger makes anime movies because Promare was such a beautiful lit flame.

+ Noble moral codes
+ The action
+ The animation
+ The characters
– Long climax

Score: A+


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