Steven Universe: The Movie review

He’s got a neck!

Steven Universe: the Movie takes place two years after the outcome of Steven’s journey and he really has grown up since then. Me being a fan this was the most anticipated thing this year next to Kingdom Hearts 3. Long ago movies used to have the credits before the movie instead of the end. I bring this up because Steven Universe: the Movie has all the credits at the beginning. It’s an incredible shout out to the old Disney movies (if you know me and my love for Disney that’s a good thing). It even comes with a book opening just like Disney. The opening however does lead to my main problem with the movie. The Diamonds here seem too overbearing to Steven and it feels very out of character. Sure it’s an improvement from their behavior before but still.

The previous villains may have changed too much but I do get another villain in the form of Spinel who in my opinion is the best villain of the show. Sarah Stiles is amazing as her and I love the rubber hose animation she has. It would make the animators from Cuphead jealous. Even when she’s her original self, she’s so adorable and entertaining. Her backstory about be left alone by Pink is very tragic and you understand her motivations. She even has a very catchy villain song that sounds like something from Cuphead. Speaking of songs, the songs in this movie are amazing as usual. I’ve listened to True Kinda Love over and over ever since the trailer was shown, it’s just that catchy. Happily Ever After is a good way to establish the characters and Drift Away is another great song that shows Spinel’s backstory. All the songs help move the plot forward and never stop the movie, which is what a good musical should do.

I also like how this movie deconstructs the idea of happily ever after’s. Sure Steven has stopped the empire and everything seems great now but change and conflict will happen and he’ll always have work to do. Much like Change Your Mind you could just end the show here and I’d be satisfied. You can tell Rebecca Sugar put so much love and work into the movie and it payed off. It does make me sad that this didn’t get a theatrical release like Teen Titans Go to the movies but I guess they didn’t want to risk it bombing. Steven Universe: the Movie has the same great animation, great music, and great characters that make this movie the perfect love letter to the show.

+ Happily ever after deconstruction
+ Opening credits
+ Spinel
+ The songs
– Diamonds

Score: A


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