Dora and the Lost City of Gold review

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Blue’s Clues is the best Nick Jr show FYI! When I first saw the trailer for Dora and the Lost city of Gold I thought I looked so stupid. It felt nothing like the original source material and just seemed like another generic kid’s movie. Still I planned to see it just to see how enjoyably stupid it was. To my surprise it’s not the worst thing I’ve seen this year.

Dora is played by Isabela Moner is pretty much the heart of the movie and I do like how she seems capable in the jungle but not in suburban life. It’s not Oscar worthy but it’s not bad. When I said this felt like a generic kid’s movie I wasn’t wrong. The first half of the movie has Dora going to high school and having trouble fitting in. While it doesn’t last that long it’s still a drag to get through those boring story beats. Heck another Nickelodeon movie The Wild Thornberrys Movie (great movie btw) did this much better. There’s also some toilet humor which the original source DID NOT HAVE! For example there’s a scene where one of the characters has to use “the john” and Dora sings about digging a poop hole.

The best part of the movie in my opinion is the poison flower scene. Dora accidently gets a riff from the flowers and everything starts to turn into the same style of the show. It’s a cute and a funny way to show some call backs to the show. To be honest the movie did have a bunch of references to the show then I thought there were going to be. The movie makes fun of the fact that Dora sings, and talks to “the audience” which shows that there was more effort put into the movie then there could have been.

It’s not the worse Nickelodeon movie (The Last Airbender), it’s not the most unfaithful adaptation (Dragon Ball Evolution), heck it’s not even the worse movie of 2019 (The Lion King). It’s mostly just for kids or for people that grew up with the Nick Jr show. For me I’ll just be exploring for another movie.

+ Isabela Moner as Dora
+ The flower scene
– Basic plot
– Fish out of water/high school portion
– Toilet humor

Score: C-

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