Toy Story 4 review

We’re doing a sequel, the studio wants more, while they wait for Tom Hanks to make Toy Story 4.

First off there’s no short which is disappointing but hey no short is better than a 20 minute Frozen special am I right? Toy Story 3 was a great conclusion to the (once was) Toy Story trilogy but now we have a fourth movie which considering the other animated movies series that have four movies (I’m looking at you Shrek Forever After and Ice Age 4) this could’ve sucked.  Toy Story 4 has the same pros from other Pixar movies, great animation, great voice performances, and great music. So I won’t talk about those that much.

Toy Story 4 introduces Forky a Spork Bonnie made at Kindergarten orientation. He thinks that he’s trash instead of a toy which is kind of a creative idea. Tony Hale gives a lot of energy and genuine emotion into this character and I also like the way he’s animated. Forky is sort of like Bonnie’s security blanket which is integrate to the main theme of Toy Story 4 which is about purpose. Woody believes that he needs to protect Forky so he can have purpose but then in the end after helping Gabby comfort a lost girl decides to help lost toys find homes.

I have to admit that for possibly a concluding movie, Toy Story 4 doesn’t have that much stakes compared to the previous movies. In fact Woody and Forky could have just went back to the RV instead of looking for Bo in the shop and the movie would’ve been over. Also the climax isn’t really the most satisfying especially if this is the final one. Another downside is that the old characters like Rex and Hamm are sidelined and are there just because there from the previous movies. Considering that this might be the final movie they should’ve had more to do.

The ending while now as strong as Toy Story 3’s ending still feels like a good ending for the series. Woody deciding to stay with Bo to help lost toys is kind of fitting for his arc. The scene where the toys say goodbye is very emotional and the last line is very fitting. Toy Story 4 didn’t really need to exist but Pixar still put in so much effort and heart into this. I would say that this is my least favorite Toy Story movie but that’s mostly in comparison. Toy Story 4 is now the only good third sequel of any animated movie series and a funny and emotional conclusion to the Toy Story series that we will still watch for infinity and beyond.

+ Bittersweet ending
+ Forky
+ Theme of purpose
-No stakes
-Old characters sidelined

Score: A-

Pixar, please do not do Toy Story 5!

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