2019 recap part 2


Captain Marvel: Kind of your basic Marvel movie. B

Us: Jordan Peele’s second in his great horror movie streak. A-

Dumbo: A basic unnecessary Disney remake. C

Shazam!: Fun and heartwarming, something the other DC movies didn’t understand. A

Missing Link: Cute stop motion movie. A-

Avengers: Endgame: A fantastic conclusion to the Thanos era. A++

Pokemon Detective Pikachu: A fun love letter to Pokemon. A-

Aladdin: Again unnecessary but Will Smith does do a good job. C


MLP FIM season 9: I don’t mind this show ending. This season’s is doing a lot of things that want to do before it’s done. Twilight’s Seven is a great episode.

Star vs the Forces of Evil season 4: Ever noticed that Star is surrounded by assholes LOL, but seriously this was a nice concluding season.

Harvey Street Kids season 2: A cute follow up to a cute Netflix show.

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