Steven Universe Battle of Heart and Mind review

I would have gotten this review early but I was busy with another franchises that I love (KH3), and my job. Anyway, this Christmas Steven Universe returns with a huge arc about the gems going to Homeworld. It goes just as well as you think. Steven Universe Diamond Days has just concluded with the hour long episode Change Your Mind and what did I think of it? Remember how I thought Reunited was the high point of Steven Universe? I was wrong not only was Change Your Mind just as good as Reunited it was better. It’s amazing how this managed to top Reunited.

After watching Reunited I thought the diamonds except White were redeemed but it turned out they still had a long way to go. I like that each Diamond gets a scene where Steven talks to them about their treatment of Pink. Not only does Bismuth show up but also Peridot and Lapis with new awesome designs. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl also have new wonderful designs. Steven evens fuses with all three. I really liked Steven and Pearl’s fusion because I once imagined their fusion weapon to be an umbrella.

White Diamond, I was really close to hating this prick because 1. She’s creepy, 2. She won’t listen, 3. She turns everyone white. After seeing Together Alone I actually predicted that’s what White did to Pink Pearl. It’s like the show read my thoughts. The scene where Steven and Pink Steven reunite, oh my God the animation is unbelievable. It’s so fluid, beautiful, and emotional. It really feels like something from an animated movie. Turns out Disney animator James Baxter animated this scene so give him a round of applause. Who knows maybe he’ll work on the supposed Steven Universe movie this fall.

My main problem with this episode is a lot of things are wrapped up too quickly. So much stuff happens like seeing Steven’s fusions with Pearl, Garnet and all three together, redeeming White Diamond, healing the corrupted gems and Lars returning to Earth. It felt like all these ideas were planned but since this might have been the series finale they wanted to get these ideas out right away. Still the ideas they did were really great especially that reuniting scene.

Change You Mind feels a lot like a series finale and honestly it this really was (though we’re technically getting a movie this fall) the end, I’d be satisfied. If that is the case than Change Your Mind definitely ranks up there with Sozin’s Comet and Take Back the Falls as one of the best animated series finales I’ve seen. Besides how would season 6 top this? Change Your Mind was an epic conclusion to season 5 and in my opinion the best episode of Steven Universe.


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