Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse review

This review is dedicated to the creators of the web slinger, Steve Ditko and Stan Lee.

2018 has surprisingly been a good year for Spider Man. He had a great video game and now a great animated movie by Sony animation. Yes the same studio that made The Emoji Movie. How did an animation studio that made that garbage one year later created what I think is there best animated movie yet? I bet nobody thought this would happen.

One of the highlights of Into the Spider Verse is the animation. If Hilda was this year’s best animation of for an animated series, than Spider Man into the Spider verse is this year’s best animation for film. The animation is incredible. It feels like a comic book with so much attention to detail like the thought bubbles or textures and the colors really pop out and help make the movie amazing to look at. The animation also gives us some really cool actions scenes especially in the climax.

Another highlight for me were the Spider Men. Each of them have their own unique backstories, and personalities. Miles Morales is a really likable main character and it’ refreshing to have Spider Man movie where Peter Parker is not the protagonist. The washed up Peter Parker we see throughout the movie is a lot different from other Spider Men but still enjoyable and Gwen Stacy is also cool too. My favorites have to be Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker, and Spider-Ham. I love their designs, animations, and personalities. I hope they get their own spinoff shorts because you know you have great characters when you want to see more of them.

Loss is a big theme in superhero media and that goes for Spider Man. Loss plays a big theme in this movie and it ties into the plot nicely. Spoilers: Miles loses his Uncle and the other Spider Men tell him that they have all experienced lost too and that’s what makes them Spider Man. New York City also suffers the loss of Peter Parker from Mile’s universe and even the villain’s plan ties into losing his family. I will admit we didn’t get much scenes between Miles and his uncle (Prowler while cool wasn’t in it that long either). There could have been a few more scenes with Miles and Aaron in order to give his death more of an impact. Though that’s my only problem with the movie, other than that I think this movie is awesome.

I compare this movie to Blue Sky Studio’s The Peanuts because when both animated studios did something new and different compared to there other movies, both Peanuts and Spider Verse ended up being the best movies from their studios. I heard there are spin-offs and sequels planned for the future so s so that pretty much shows that this movie was a hit. Spider Man: into the Spider Verse feels like a love letter to the character himself. There’s not contest this is not only the best Sony animated movie and in my opinion the best Spider Man movie.

+ Loss
+ Spider Men
+ The action
+ The animation
-The Prowler

Score: A+

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