Ralph Breaks the Internet review

Finally a Disney movie without a twist villain! Ralph Breaks The Internet is the sequel to one of my favorite Disney movies Wreck it Ralph. It was kind of like Who Framed Roger Rabbit but with video games. This time Ralph and Vanellope explore the internet.

The internet is probably one of the biggest worlds in the Disney canon. Disney does some really creative ideas with the websites like Ebay being an auctioning convention or the Searchbar being controlled by this know it all named KnowsMore. Oh My Disney is a brilliant way to do a giant crossover with Disney. There’s a lot of jokes making fun of Disney and seeing all the princesses was great too. Don’t expect a lot of Fix-It Felix Jr or Calhoun because there not in the film that much even though they sort of set up a sub plot of them adopting the racers of Sugar Rush. It’s only one scene and whatever Felix Jr. and Calhoun do happens off screen and didn’t seem necessary.

The friendship between Ralph and Vanellope is the emotional center of the movie. John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman bring to much life to these characters. They both have a lot in common and great moments together. Ralph’s friendship with Vanellope however does cause him to make really reckless choices. Spoilers: In the beginning he tries to make a new track for her to race on which causes the steering wheel to break. Didn’t he learn from the first movie to not mess with the program? Later he gets worried that Vanellope will stay in Slaughter Race so he decides to use a virus to make it less awesome. Something about this didn’t seem in character for Ralph and came off as selfish. The movie surprisingly has a bittersweet ending where Ralph lets Vanellope stay in Slaughter Race which means while they won’t see each other more often they’ll still be best friends. Learning that best friends don’t always have e the same dream but can still work it out is a really good lesson and great way to end the movie.

While I do think the first one is better Ralph breaks the Internet is a great continuation of the first movie. I would say the first one is better but this was a fun adventure to explore the pros and cons of the internet even if they did waste the opportunity to do a Kingdom Hearts reference.

+ Bittersweet ending
+ Ralph and Vanellope
+ The internet
– Fix it Felix Jr. subplot
– Ralph’s choices

Score: A

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