My Top 10 Favorite Computer Games I played as a Kid

I’ve never made a top 10 video games list before because I don’t play video games but I played a lot of children’s computer games. I think I loved these games because something about their worlds and atmosphere feel so immersive, kind, and welcoming. It makes me angry that I can’t play these on new computers. At least I have my memories.

Honorable Mention: Cluefinders 3rd Grade Adventures: While I own some other Cluefinders game (even a cut version with only Monkey Kingdom) I’ve only played 3rd Grade Adventures (which is probably my favorite of the games) at school.

10. Arthur’s Wilderness Rescue: Only at number 10 because all three ideas are mostly similar and the same music plays throughout the whole game. I did like exploring the camp though.

9. Blue’s Treasure Hunt: I loved Blue’s Clues as a kid and the treasure hunt game was my favorite. Heck the Blue’s Clues games led to me playing Humoungous Entertainment games.

8. The Game of Life: While the CGI is outdated it’s still fun. I recently found the PlayStation version at a used game store and I still love playing it.

7. Tie between Fisher Price Great Adventures Pirate Ship and Wild Western Town: Both short and simple games about finding map pieces or gold bars but incredibly innocent and fun to play. I use to own the Wild Western Town toy set.

6. Tie between Disney’s Animated Storybooks: Toy Story and 101 Dalmatians: These two were the animated storybooks I owned. Toy Story surprisingly had good CGI and I like how 101 Dalmatians combined the 1961 and 1996 version. It’s also so much fun to click on stuff.

5. Dr. Seuss Kindergarten: While short, it’s very colorful and innocent just like the books. I’ve met Charles Martinet who voiced the Cat in the Hat, I bet you didn’t know that.

4. Disney’s Ready to Read with Pooh: You know I love Winnie the Pooh and this game has nicely drawn backgrounds that help immerse you into the Hundred Acre Woods and games that help you with reading.

3. Richard Scarry’s Busytown: Best Math Program Ever: Busytown is just so innocent and fun. Finding all the parts for the math machine is worth it because the math machine is fun and helps kids with  learning math.

2. A Bug’s Life Active Play: When I play this game I feel like I’m immersed into the world of a Bug’s Life. I like how the puzzles aren’t spelled out instead you have to figure them out.

1. Humoungous Entertiantment: Here’s my short sum up, different paths, clever puzzles, and great backgrounds. Click here if you want to hear my thoughts on these games.

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