My Top 12 favorite Garfield specials

I know Garfield’s 40th birthday was two months ago and I’m sorry I’m late. I’ve watched the specials on DVD so many times and I thought that I should rank the specials from worst to best.

12. Garfield: His 9 Lives: Family Guy summed it up perfectly.

11. Garfield Gets a Life: More of a Jon Arbuckle special. 

10. Here Comes Garfield: An experiment to see if he’d work on TV and it succeeded. 

9. Garfield on the Town: A heart warming special about family. 

8. Garfield in the Rough: Garfield goes camping, that’s about it, oh and also beats a panther. 

7. Garfield’s Halloween Adventure: Sorry it didn’t make my Halloween specials list.

6. A Garfield Christmas: Again sorry your not on my favorite Christmas specials list. 

5. Garfield’s Thanksgiving: We need more Thanksgiving specials.

4. Garfield Goes Hollywood: A tango dancing cat and dog is impressive. 

3. Garfield’s Feline Fantasies: The Indiana Jones segment is the highlight. 

2. Garfield’s Babes and Bullets: A good mystery without an obvious culprit.

1. Garfield in Paradise: Ironically Jim Davis’s favorite special. 


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