Bao review

I was going to talk about this short in my Incredibles 2 review but I had so much to say about that movie I didn’t have room to talk about Bao. Bao is about a woman who discovers a dumpling that comes alive and decides to raise him. The way the story is told and edited reminds me a lot of the Disney short Feast which told the life of a dog. The music is also good too.

Spoiler Warning: Near the end of the short the woman tries to prevent her dumpling son from leaving to the point of swallowing him. Most of the audience laughed at the absurdity while I covered my mouth in shock. It was such a shocking a moment that I didn’t see coming. It would have been funny when it fades to black it would roll the credits but let’s face it Disney and Pixar would never end on such a low note. It then turns out that the dumpling was a representation of her real son who returns to make amends. It’s very emotional and brilliant.

I think it makes sense that this was paired with Incredibles 2 because both the short and movie have a lot to do with family. Bao is definitely worthy of being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. I even say it’s worthy of winning.

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