My Top 10 Favorite Loud House Sisters

The Loud House has finally returned with new episodes after being delayed multiple times (I thought Steven Universe had it bad). I thought I’d do my top 10 favorite Loud House sisters. I will not let episodes likes Brawl in the Family or No Such Luck affect the list.

10. Lily: Honestly I’m not really a fan of baby characters and Lily is just your basic baby character. Cute but basic.

9. Lori: Going from youngest to oldest. Much like Lily, Lori is just your basic teenage sister character. I actually do relate to her because I spend a lot of time on my phone.

8. Lola: The D.W. of the Loud House and yes she’s a prick and a demon. No Place Like Homeschool did make me respect her more.

7. Lynn: Her ego can get annoying thanks to NSL but I do like her when she’s more energetic, playful, and tomboyish like in Space Invader.

6. Luan: The comedian who’s ironically more annoying than funny. She can be a bit too much with the pranking especially on April fool’s Day. Head Poet’s Anxiety did make me like her more.

Intermission: If I were to rank Lincoln he’d ironically since he’s the middle child go in the middle of the list. Lincoln is sort of your basic 11 year old kid which helps because of the sisters’ personalities.

5. Luna: A lot of people’s favorite sister. She was the first sister to have her own episode. The reveal in L is For Love was also interesting and I’d really like to see where takes that reveal from now.

4. Lisa: Lara Jill Miller’s voice matches perfectly with Lisa’s stoic personality. Smart but also crazy at the same time and she’s four, imagine when she’s older.

3. Lana: Out of all the sisters in those two bad episodes I mentioned I think Lana was the least bad. Tomboyish but also adorable. I’ll take Lana over Lola any day.

2. Lucy: Lucy has my favorite design of the sisters, so cute! Her deadpan monotone really fits thanks to Jessica DiCicco’s performance. I still await the day I get to see her eyes.

1. Leni: Kind of like Ed from Ed Edd n Eddy she may be stupid but she’s incredibly sweet and kindhearted. She’s also the funniest of the sisters (eat your heart out Luan) and also the most adorable (suck it Lola!). Leni is not only my favorite Loud House sister but also my favorite character of the show.



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