Deadpool 2 review

Fun fact:One of the writers Rhett Reese wrote Clifford’s Really Big Movie. Deadpool is back and funnier than ever. Ryan Reynolds is still great and hilarious as Deadpool and I do like how his arc is more of trying to save a kid to prove he’s a good person. The comedy is still as great as in the first one. Some of the funniest moments include moments with Deadpool of course, the Celine Dion opening song, and the post credits scenes.

I said in my review of the first one that the villain was one of the weakest parts. In Deadpool 2 however there’s not really a clear main villain but more of characters with gray morals. Josh Brolin was a good choice as Cable and while we didn’t see much of the future he’s from we get enough to understand what he’s trying to do. Julian Dennison is likable as Russell and I do like how he enjoys being a thug or gangster. Both these character are the biggest threats but with understandable goals, Cable just wants to save the future while Russell is fueled by anger from abuse. The world of Deadpool is mostly populated by anti-heroes and anti-villains so this kind of fits.

Domino while not developed that much is still really cool. A lot of her comedy comes from how lucky she is. Her luck power also gives us some really cool action. Speaking of action the action sequences in this movie are much bigger and more epic. The best action scenes are probably the truck scene and moments with the Jugganaut who btw is better here than X-Men the Last Stand.

I do think Deadpool 2 does have problems with its story. Spoilers: In the end Deadpool sacrifices himself to save Russell but Cable saves him by going back in time. There are three reasons why I’m not a fan of this scene, reason one is that we all know Deadpool is going to live, reasons two is that there was no reasons for him to put on the collar, and three the part where we think he dies but still talks just go on longer than it should.  The only other flaw I have is no Stan Lee cameoL but too be fair he didn’t cameo in Logan anyway. Deadpool 2 is part two of his redemption from Wolverine Origins. It’s just as badass and funny if not better than the first.

+ Action
+ Comedy
+ Deadpool as usual
+ New characters
– Death fake-out

Score: A-

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