Steven Universe Can’t Go Back and A Single Pale Rose review

It’s ironic that Cartoon Network released giant spoilers of future episodes yet didn’t spoil these two. There are spoilers in this review.

Lets start with Can’t Go Back. It was nice to see what happened to Lapis Lazuli and her song was nice too. I will admit seeing Lapis leave again seemed a little predictable. I also think this episode was made just so we can see the shadow of Pearl with Rose’s sword. Can’t Go Back was small and mostly a bridge for the next episode but still good one though.

A Single Pale Rose was probably the biggest wham episode of the series since Jailbreak. We all knew Pearl knew something about Pink Diamond and the show has been building up to this.  I like how this episode just keeps building up to the big moment. Steven see’s Pearl shape shifted into Rose Quartz but then it turns out that Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond and that Pearl was Pink Diamond’s pearl. Eat your heart out “I am your Father”. I used to think Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond but after finding out she was “shattered” I thought my theory was wrong. It was such an amazing twist.

A Single Pale Rose is probably the best episode of season 5 and one of the best episodes of the whole show. I can’t wait to see what happens next and thank god there not skipping summer like last year. I wonder how Greg and Connie are going to react to this?

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