Sherlock Gnomes review

The Not So Great Gnome Detective

I skipped this when it was in theaters but recently it was showing at Mt. Hood Theatre which shows movies months after it’s release so I went and saw it. Gnomeo and Juliet was an odd retailing of Romeo and Juliet. I guess it was trying to be like the The Lion King (coincidentally both adaptions of Shakespeare plays, the main characters living and songs from Elton John). It was better than the animated seals version (I’m not making this up) but did people really want a sequel?

Sherlock Gnomes is played by Johnny Depp who plays the part just fine though is it me or does he sound like a British Jack Sparrow? He can be annoying and egotistical at times and really play up that fact that people like him more than Watson. Sherlock’s mind palace is in my opinion the only good part of the movie. It’s all black and white and in 2d animation. It’s animated smoothly and it looks really nice. I wish the ends credits had that animation than I would have stayed longer.

The movie is not really that funny. The jokes are really forgettable and mostly for kids instead of both kids and adults. Fortunately the stupidest jokes from the trailer like the gnome farting (how can a frigging gnome fart?!), no ship Sherlock or what the fertilizer are not in the movie. I think the only joke that was funny was the news reporting stolen gnomes and the police not being concerned and asking them to never called them again.

There is a plot twist that is so pointless. In the middle of the movie Watson falls of a building literally screaming the Wilhelm Scream (seriously?!) and is thought to be dead. Then it turns out he was he stole all the gnomes just to prove he was as smart as Sherlock but then it turns out that the gargoyles worked for Sherlock’s arch enemy Moriarty. Speaking of Moriarty, that villain is so ugly. Its like the Pillsbury Doughboy and Bendy from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friend had a baby. He’s also very annoying because it gets really irritating when a villain calls themselves evil all the time. Wouldn’t it had made sense for him to also be a gnome like Sherlock instead of that butt ugly thing? Ratigan is 10 times the Moriarty he’ll ever be.

Sherlock Gnomes was the sequel nobody asked for yet got made anyway. While I have seen worst movies this one just felt unnecessary. Gnomeo and Juliet is a way better movie though that doesn’t say much. Why Sherlock Gnomes was grennlit is a mystery no one wants to solve.

+ Sherlock’s mind palace
+/- Johnny Depp as Sherlock
– Moriarty
– Pointless twist
– Unfunny

Score: D+

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