Avengers: Infinity War review

FYI this review is filled with SPOILERS, not fake spoilers I mean real spoilers. You have been warned. Ten years of Marvel movies have all led up to this. We’ve met so many great superheroes and now we finally get to see all of them (except Hawkeye and Ant Man) together.

I was worried that Infinity War would be too crowded because of all the superheroes but this movie managed to feel too crowded by splitting them up. I love the interactions between Iron Man, Spiderman, and Doctor Strange. The interactions between Thor and the GOTG were also fun too. I will admit the plot with Captain America and the heroes with him was kind of weak compared to the others. His story was mostly setting up for the climax of the movie. Now let’s talk about the villain that’s been build up since The Avengers, Thanos. Thanos is surprisingly more complex than most of the Marvel villains and is not your generic take over the universe villain. His view on balance by killing only half the population is very interesting. His relationship with Gamora is also well done and when SPOILERS: he kills her to get the soul stone he feels sad about doing it. He may be powerful but he still has emotions and that makes him one of the best villains in the MCU.

The action as usual is really good. My favorite action scene was when Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Spiderman meet Starlord, Drax, and Mantis because it shows them using their abilities against each other. I also really liked the fight between them and Thanos because of how the heroes are trying to keep him from using the stones. The Wakanada fight was kind of your standard Marvel army climax but it does lead to a outstanding ending. Speaking of the end, SPOILER alert: Infinity War goes all End of Evangelion on us. Thanos gets all the infinity stones, snaps his fingers and characters start turning into dust including Black Panther, Doctor Strange, the GOTG and Spiderman. I do find it weird that mostly the old characters except Rocket and Nebula are alive. Still it’s a very emotional and well done cliffhanger and makes you wonder what’s going to happen next.

I could have used a little more Hulk but there probably building him up for Part 2 next year. Avengers: Infinity War is one of the best superhero movies and best movies of 2018. It would’ve taken a miracle to top Black Panther and Avengers Infinity War was that miracle. Happy 10th anniversary Marvel Cinematic Universe!

+ Awesome action
+ Character interactions
+ Cliffhanger ending
+ Thanos
– Captain America story

Score: A+

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