Isle of Dogs review

I finally got to see Isle of Dogs which for some reason had a limited release. Wes Anderson is a very interesting director. His movies don’t seem too funny to be comedies and they don’t seem too dramatic to be dramas. Isle of Dogs like most of Wes Anderson’s other movies is shot wonderfully. In my opinion Wes’s visual style reminds me a lot of Stanley Kubrick who also has an interesting visual style. The stop motion while not Laika is still really impressive.

Wes Anderson’s movie are also known for having a huge cast full of celebrities (usually Bill Murry). The voices match with the character’s personalities and help give them life. The characters themselves are enjoyable too like Jeff Goldblum as this rumor telling dog, and Edward Norton as the decider dog but the one that really stood out to me was Chief played by Bryan Cranston. Chief starts off as a tough disobedient street dog but after bonding with Atari grows more protective of him. The bath he gets represents his character growth.

Spoiler warning: If I had one problem with Isle of Dogs, it’s near the end. After Atari delivers a haiku his uncle Mayor Kobayashi suddenly has a change of heart and is willing to give one of his kidneys to save Atari. Kobayashi’s heal face turn seems a bit too weird for me. You could argue this is like the Grinch or Scrooge but FYI, this guy killed a scientist though to be fair he does go to prison in the end.

Isle of Dogs is an emotional, funny, and beautifully made stop motion movie. I think this has the biggest chance of winning the Academy Award for Best Animated movie this year. You don’t have to be dog lover to enjoy Isle of Dogs.

+ Balance of comedy and drama
+ Chief
+ Voice talent
+ Wonderfully shot and animated
– Mayor Kobayashi’s change of heart

Score: A

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