MLP FIM Season 7 Finale Shadow Play review

Today MLP FIM season 7 has just concluded. While I do think this season was a little underwhelming (they didn’t even do a two-parter premiere) it did managed to end on a high note.

We finally get to see Star Swirl the Bearded after 7 seasons of mentions. Star Swirl shows that just because he’s powerful doesn’t mean he doesn’t have flaws and I kind of like that. The pillars being characters that we saw earlier in the season was so clever because it would have more cheap and easier to make up new characters. Episodes like Campfire Tales, Daring Done?, and A Health of Information which seemed like regular episodes actually connect. It’s fun to look back and realize that a regular episode could actually have some significance later. It’s also cool that pillars are staying, which now gives new possibilities to use them in the future.

I mentioned in my MLP movie review that two-parters only focus on the mane 6, spike, Starlight, and the princesses? This one did bring in a few character like Garble, Daring Do and even the dazzlings that you wouldn’t expect to be in a two-parter.

I also like how this two-parter deconstructs banishing the villain. The Pony of Shadow’s story is much more interesting than his character. Stygian didn’t want to steal power from pillars but rather become powerful to be by there side but being kicked out made him turn into the Pony of Shadows. In the end Twilight and the others talk to Stygian and help him overcome his hate. MLP FIM has pretty good lessons showing that some villains can be good, while also showing that villains like Queen Chrysalis just won’t listen.

I noticing that just like season 6 an now 7, the season finales are the best episodes of their seasons. I still look forward to season 8 when it comes out next year.

Verdict: A

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