My Top 20 Favorite Orlando Rides

The handsome fellow you see above is me. I’ve been to Orlando six times so far and I’ve enjoy every time I’ve been there. Fun Fact: we saw Terminater 2 3d on its last day. I decided after getting back to do a top 20 favorite rides from Orlando with pictures taken by myself. These rides are ranked in terms of nostalgia, theming, creativity, fun, and personal reasons. Have fun reading.

20. Men in Black: Alien Attack

I do think this ride is a little dated. While it is hard to see where you’re hitting due to the shots looking the same it’s much easier to see them than in Buzz Lightyear’s Ranger Spin. The idea of starting off with training but then turning into a real alien invasion is cool.

19. Pirates of the Caribbean

Unfortunately this was down due to technical difficulties. My two issues with the ride is that it feels like a shorter cut to the superior Disneyland version and also that there’s a traffic jam of boats near the end. Much like Disneyland it stills has the great music, atmosphere, and animatronics.

18. The Simpsons Ride

Mostly on here due to me being a fan of The Simpsons. What’s more clever, funny, and ironic than a ride that takes place at a fictional amusement park? The Simpsons ride is both fun and funny. Also I love the Krustyland map in the front.

17. Avatar Flight of Passage

It’s too new to be high on my list. I was so worried that we wouldn’t be able to ride this due to the long line but thankfully the line got shorter later that day. The visuals were amazing and I felt like I was there. I smell the planets, I got wet, and I felt the breeze.

16. Revenge of the Mummy

I think I said this in my Universal Hollywood rides ranking that when the. I feel like the Orlando version put so much more effort into this ride than Hollywood’s version. It’s bigger, scarier and unpredictable. I still remember reaching for my seatbelt at the fake exit scene near the end.

15. Splash Mountain 

Another ride that was closed. I enjoy Splash Mountain not because of the drops but because of the interior scenes. I think I like this version better because the ride is slower which lets you see more of the animatronics and the scenes flow better there than in Anaheim.

14. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Much like Splash Mountain I feel like this is a bigger and better version of the one at Disneyland. It’s one of the more relaxing roller coasters in the parks but it’s has the thrills to make a fun thrill ride. Though why are all the lifts so loud?!

13. The Incredible Hulk

I feel like this has the weakest theming of any ride on this list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. It’s wild, fun, and it’s probably the most extreme and thrilling ride at Universal Orlando. I’ll still never forget the first time I rode this when a hat got stuck in my braces.

12. Transformers: The Ride

I admit my one gripe with this ride is that it feels redundant since Orlando already has a ride similar to this. Orlando and Japan has Spider-man and Singapore and Hollywood had Transformers. Still that fact that you ride an Autobot is so clever and makes this the best thing Michael Bay ever did to Transformers.

11. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

My first loop de loop roller coaster and still my favorite one. I think I like this one better than the Hulk because this had more theming to it. In my opinion this is probably the most exhilarating ride at the resort. It’s also fun to listen to great songs from a great band.

10. The Haunted Mansion

It’s ironic that Pirates is better at Disneyland while Haunted Mansion is better at Disneyworld. This version feels more complete then in Disneyland. I remember when I first rode this it stopped in the attic (back when the zombies popped up). It has great atmosphere and great special effects that still hold up today.

9. Toy Story Midway Mania!

You want to know why this ride is better than Buzz Lightyear and Men in Black?  Because your ammo is a different color from everyone else making it easier to know where you’re hitting. Each game is very fun to play and maybe a little bit addicting.

8. Soarin’ Around the World

If the original Soarin was still around this would have been higher. It did manage to fix some problems from the original. This one has transitions between locations so it flows better, and also the fact that the original only traveled around California seems off. At least we still have Patrick.

7. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

I think I like this update better than the original. You know how Humongous Entertainment games have different paths every time you play? Well this is what it would be like if it was a ride. You never know what experience you’ll get but that’s why it’s so fun to ride Star Tours.

6. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one of the most immersive amusement park lands ever. Both rides are incredible and both deserve to be on my list. Escape from Gringotts has wonderful effects that make you feel like you’re actually there in Gringotts. Out of the dark ride/simulator rides this one feels the most like a roller coaster.

5. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

This one wins by a hair for nostalgia. The ride system is great, and I love the theming they put into the Hogwarts castle. It blends physical sets with screens perfectly making it feel like you’re in the world of Harry Potter. When I ride it I feel so immersed in the world of Harry Potter. Also who wasn’t creeped out by the dementors?

4. Test Track

Like Soarin I do miss the original, but the Tron legacy-like update is still great. Back when I used to be afraid of some rides Test Track was one of the first rides I wasn’t scared of after riding for the first time. Test Track is one of the most fun rides in my opinion.

3. Space Mountain

This used to be my number 1 favorite ride at Orlando (it’s also my favorite ride at Disneyland) but after riding it this year I started to notice how rough it was. I think this was my favorite because I remember this was usually the last ride we rode on our trips. Also something about riding this at night makes the atmosphere more space-like and it gives me goosebumps riding it.

2. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

You’ll always remember you’re first ride, Spider-Man was the first ride I rode at Universal Orlando, and it has been my favorite ride from there ever since. The ride system which combines a dark ride with a simulator in 3d is one of the most revolutionary and one of my favorites. Without Spider-man we wouldn’t have had the Harry Potter rides.

1. Expedition Everest aka Badass Matterhorn

It’s my Mom’s favorite ride, it’s my brother’s favorite ride, and after riding it the most of any ride on my trip (5 times) I’d have to agree with them. There are so many memorable moments on this ride like the broken track, going backwards, the project of the yeti’s shadow, and of course disco yeti. Stuff like the queue, the quiet beginning, the lift. All these things make Everest my favorite ride in Orlando.

Special thanks to The Commissioner’s Thoughts for giving me inspiration to make this list. Did you like my list? What are you’re favorite rides from Orlando? Leave a comment and thank you for supporting me.


  1. comealy17 · October 30, 2017

    I can honestly say that all of these rides are great, although I haven’t been to Avatar yet. However, I am not a fan of Transformers. I thought it was nothing more than a clone of Spider-Man, which I feel is better overall in both theming and excitement. I think Test Track’s original is way better than the new one, but the visuals of the new one are pretty cool, even if they might as well have just done a TRON ride (MK is getting one though). I’m biased towards Harry Potter and the Mummy, but that’s because I worked at both of them (Wizarding World opening team!) but I was a fan of Mummy before I started working there. I still think it’s Universal’s best ride in both parks. Kudos to you for managing to actually ride Toy Story. I hope you didn’t have to wait four hours.


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