Bojack Horseman Season 4 review

Back in the ’90s, I was in a very famous TV show

This review does contain spoilers. Bojack Horseman is considered one of the best cartoons out right now. It makes you laugh, cry, and question life. I binged watched seasons 2 and 3 though out summer to get ready. I even binged watched season 4. While the first three seasons focused on him trying to fix his career, season 4 focuses more on Bojack’s family. We are introduced to Hollyhawk Bojack’s “daughter” and the rest of the season is about them trying to figure out who her mother is. They also have to take care of Bojack’s abusive mother who is suffering from dementia. These characters are important to Bojack’s arc this season and are very entertaining.

I surprisingly compare the first two episodes to the first two episodes of Legend of Korra Season 4. The first episode focuses on Mr. Peanutbutter’s election. Like Legend of Korra season 4 episode 1 it focuses only on the supporting cast while the main character either shows up only at the end or is absent. Episode 2 of both seasons focuses on the main character and flashbacks showing where they have been. Episode 2 is about Bojack fixing up his Grandparents summer house while flashing back to when his mother was young. There are scenes where the present and past are visually shown at the same time. An example is when Bojack tries to steal the windchime from a restaurant while also showing Beatice’s mother singing. It’s visually impressive and helps the story progress.

Bojack is known for their episode 11 which are known to be the darkest of each season and this one is no exception. Episode 11 focuses on Beatice’s life and why she is mental. Every character’s faces except her family are scribbled out making it more uncomfortable. The scene where her father and servants burn her things and her doll while cutting to Beatice’s maid giving birth to Hollyhawk and Beatice taking her away might be the darkest scene of the whole series so far. This episode is very psychotic and messed up, this and episode 2 are probably my favorite episodes of the season.

If I had one problem with this season though very minor is that each season BoJack ruins a relationship with a character and that character ends up saying the f word to him. What happens here, BoJack plans to put on a show for his mother and confess “Fuck You Mom!”. That’s it? That’s are f word of the season? It just seems kind of a letdown because expecting someone like Mr. Peanutbutter to say it. Still very minor flaw.

The season ends with Bojack finding out that he is not Hollyhawk’s father but actually his brother. He manages to find the address of her mother and gives it to Hollyhawk’s 8 dads (it makes sense in context). It’s a bittersweet ending which is normal for Bojack but surprisingly this is probably the happiest bittersweet ending Bojack had. Season 4 delivered comedy and drama and mixed them together perfectly.

+Balance of Comedy and Drama
+Bojack’s family
+Episodes 2 and 11
+Bittersweet ending
-The F word

Score: A

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