Steven Universe Wanted review

Steven Universe just had it’s season 5 premiere and boy did it start off with a bang. Here are my opinions of each episode.

Stuck Together: My least favorite mostly because I’ve already saw it online weeks ago. I like that they conclude that Lars was  still on the ship since we didn’t him escape in the last episode. Topaz’s almost redemption was cool though her voice does seem unfitting but I guess that’s the idea.

The Trial: My favorite episode of the special and one of my top 10 favorite episodes of the show now. Amy Sedaris as Zircons (lawyers of Homeworld) is great. Steven getting to meet the gems face to face is great. The whole last scene where Blue Zircon starts explaining the flaws in Rose shattering Pink Diamond and that it probably didn’t happened was great. It got me actually questioning who could have done it.

Off Colors: A Jurassic Park reference for the win. Rutile Twins are a really cool deisgn and work well with each other’s heads. Rhodonite might be my least favorite but shows promise. Padparadscha is my favorite of the off colors, the joke that she can predict what already happened is hilarious. Fluorite has my favorite design, she looks like a mix between a giant caterpiller and a Grandmother.

Lars’ Head: I like that the status quo has changed since Lars has to stay on homeworld until they find a way home. We now know that lion was probably just a regular lion that got injured and Rose healed. Some much for my Pink Diamond pearl being lion theory.

Can’t wait to see where this show goes.

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