Smurfs The Lost Village review

Even from watching the trailers I could tell this was gonna be better than the first two Smurfs movies even if I thankfully never saw those movies. The animation is a lot better and looks just like the cartoon and comics. Gargamel is thankfully animated instead of live action though did they have to give him a bird henchmen when he already has the cat?

I think the positive stuff I found in this movie were from the characters. Team Smurf which consists of Smurfette, Hefty, Brainy and Clumsy do share a really nice friendship and work on each other very well. I also liked some of the female smurfs when they get to the lost village. Smurf Blossom is enjoyable and Smurf Storm is pretty badass.

The negatives however were definitely in the last half of the movie. The third half also feels rushed. Gargamel captures the smurfs (why am I not surprised?) and Smurfette decides to pledge her loyalty to him as a trick because she can absorb his magic. It goes by very quick and doesn’t leave an impact. Than comes the cliche death cop out. Smurfette returns back to her clay form. I thought she would return a few seconds later but there’s literally a scene where they take her body back to the village and they all hold hands and weep for her. She does come back to life (again not surprised) by the power of friendship. I felt that is should have happened back at Gargamel’s lair instead and we all have seen that scene where the hero dies but turns out to be okay so many times.

Throughout the movie there are pop songs that are really distracting. An example is when the smurfs are hanging out at the lost village. The pop song used is “I’m Blue”. I like the song but it’s only used just because the smurfs are blue.

All I can say is that it’s better then the other Smurfs movies but that doesn’t say much. The bright side is that I did get to see a teaser for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic the Movie.

+Better animation
+Team Smurf
+Female smurfs
-Pop songs
-Rushed third half
-Cliche death cop out

Score: C


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