Beauty and the Beast 2017 review

So before watching this movie I watched the original 1991 version. I thought it still holds up very well. A week later I saw the 2017 version and…after the original this was pretty underwhelming.

I thought the casting had good choices but also meh choices too. Emma Watson just doesnt have the charm of Paige O’Hara as Belle from 1991. Dan Stevens as the beast doesn’t have the intimidation of the original or the likability. There were some good casting choices like Kevin Kline as Maurice who plays him very different from the orignal. Josh Gard was also good as Lefou.

There are some really good things though. One of the things I liked that they added was that the castle has become very broken down due to the curse. Whenever a rose pedal falls part of the castle breaks. Another thing that I really liked was that the servants become more like the objects they turn into. A great scene in the end is where the last pedal falls and the servants become lifeless objects. It’s really sad  and gives them much more sympathy and higher stakes. I just noticed that the good stuff has to do with the curse itself.

I think the narrative structure of the movie is not as good as the 1991 version. An example would be in the original when the “Be Our Guest” song ends Belle asks for a tour of the castle which leads to her seeing the west wing. In this version the song number  literally cuts to black and then shows Belle randomly talking to Mrs. Potts then sees the west wing. The original seems to flow much better from scene to scene.

Now I will talk about a major issue with this movie and it’s the book scene. The enchantress gave the Beast a magical book that can teleport people. Belle and Beast uses it to teleport to Paris where she see’s her original home before she moved. This is a problem because why doesn’t Belle use the book to teleport back to the town and back before Gaston got to the castle? Also the book is never brought up again after that scene. So that makes it completely pointless.

I’ll be honest, I knew this would be good but I also thought, your not gonna beat the original either. My mom really liked it though. I’d say this was better then Cinderella 2015 but not as good as The Jungle Book 2016.

+Supporting cast sympathy
+The Castle
-The book scene

Score: C+


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