Kong Skull Island review

That’s a duck, what are you talking about don’t you see the skull? LOL

Kong Skull Island is the second film in the Monsterverse. I didn’t see Godzilla yet but you don’t need to know a lot about Godzilla to like this movie. This movie is surprisingly violent with it’s deaths and that’s coming from a guy who just saw Logan. An example is one of the giant spider’s legs goes through one of the soldier’s mouths. It’s really creative but also brutle.

The creatures are really cool because the film workers took inspiration from stuff such as Princess Mononoke, and Evangelion. My brother said after we watched the movie that this was the most anime movie he had seen in a while. The island is nice to look at. It reminds me a lot of Apocalypse Now and Jurassic Park. My favorite set is the boneyard of King Kong’s parents. It just looks really cool and makes for a great location for an action scene.

My main problem with movies are the characters except for John C. Reilly who was probably the best character of the movie. The others however are not very interesting and even after their deaths they still don’t leave an impact. Packard is just Captain Ahab looking for a gorilla instead of a whale. It doesn’t help that there are so many soldiers that die that it’s hard to keep track on who’s who.

Post Credit Spoilers: At the end of the movie there is a post credit scene where James and Mason about information showing that there are more creatures other then King Kong. The monsters are Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah and Godzilla. When the film cuts to black we hear the roar of King Kong and Godzilla. It’s really cool and helps foreshadow what is to come in the Monsterverse.

+The creatures
+The island
+Post credit scene
+Brutle deaths
-Meh characters

Score: B

When Vera Lynn’s We’ll Meet Again at the end of the movie, who’s was thinking of Bill Cipher? LOL
FYI: That duck joke was from The Curse of Monkey Island.

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