January and February recap

I’m now combining months in the recaps because doing a recap for each month even though there’s not many movies out those months is redundant.


La La Land: Really good movie. My favorite song is Another Day of Sun. A-

A Dog’s Purpose: Cute movie I’m more of a cat person. C

The Lego Batman Movie: Really fun spinoff of an also really fun movie. A-

TV Shows:

Lemony Snicket 2017: Really good start to the series. I really like the the productions deisgn on this show. Reminds me a lot of Tim Burton. Though the casting is a bit odd. B

Star vs The Forces of Evil: Really good end to season 2. The cliffhanger makes me really looking forward to season 3. A-

By the way I went to my first comic con in February. I saw Mathew Lewis from Harry Potter, Alan Tudyk, Kevin Conroy, Loren Lester, and I even shook hands with the voice of Mario Charles Martinet.

The Academy Awards were actually satisfying to me at least until the whole Best Picture mix up at the end. The Ben Affleck and guest part had me in stitches LOL.

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