Star Wars Rogue One review


Warning this review does contain spoilers. Rogue One shows how the rebels got the Death Star plans and how A New Hope get’s started. Remember questioning why the Empire  would have a hole in the Death Star so that someone could blast into it? Well this movie actually explains it. It makes that plot hole really clever.

The characters are a lot of fun. My favorite character is K-2SO played by (not Disney villain) Alan Tudyk. He’s like a more badass and funny C-3PO. There’s also other great characters like this blind warrior who believes in the force named Chirrut Îmwe.  Tarkin and Princess Leia make small cameos and while it’s obviously cgi they look just like they did in 1977. Let’s not forget Darth Vader. This movie took every opportunity with him. His last scene made look like the menace we loved to be scared of.

The action scenes are also good too. The best action scene was the final battle on the planet Scarif. The planet fight looks just like something from Saving Private Ryan. It was cool to see the giant AT AT walkers again. Big Spoilers: To quote Patrick Star, everyone died The End. Yeah every new character in the movie dies. It makes for a dramatic and emotional third half. Each death is handled very well and you feel sorry for each team member. My main problem with the movie is that the first half rushes to many planets in only a few minutes. It’s kind of rushed but after that it begins to flow better.

The Force Awakens was my favorite movie of last year. While I would say that Rogue One was a more better crafted movie then Force Awakens I enjoy Force Awakens much more. I can’t wait for Star Wars episode 8 next year.

+New Characters
+Great Action
+Risky last half
+Good cameos
-Seeing planets too quickly

Score: A

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