Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them review


It’s like what Bandit Kieth from Yu-Gi-Oh this is Harry Potter in America.

Harry Potter is my favorite movies series of all time. I love the world it takes place in and I love the overall story. It still bugs me that the series has not won one Oscar. Now we have a new movie based on a Hogwarts text book. That might sound odd for a adaptation but it does work.

The film has the same magical feeling that the Harry Potter series has and it was nice to return to the wizarding world again. The movie literally starts off with the famous Harry Potter theme. The magic surround New York City is creative and reminds me a lot of wizarding world back in England. There are however some subplots that don’t really shine well with the film’s plot like Graves and Credence looking for some ghost like monster that turns out to be Credence the whole time.

Eddie Redmayne does a good job at playing the author of the Hogwarts text book Newt Scamander. However while he’s good the rest of the characters while not bad are not very memorable compared to the cast of the original Harry Potter series. Colin Farrel’s character Percival Graves seems to change character throughout the movie. The twist with Gellert Grindelwald at the end while cool is a little odd. Especially since Gellert is played by Johnny Depp.

The beasts are really impressive and are the highlights of the movie. My personal favorite beast in the movie is the Occamy. Just so you know who it is it’s the blue bird snake like beast that  can grow or shrink in order to fit in available space. It looks so cute and the way they capture it is awesome.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a good follow up to the great fantasy series we know and love. I would say that this movie ranks in between the 8 Harry Potter movies. I can’t wait to see where J.K Rowling takes this series.

+Same magical feel
+Creative beasts
+Eddie Redmayne
-Meh characters
-Meh sub plots

Score: A-

I will be doing a ranking of the Harry Potters movies.


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