Doctor Strange review


“Forget everything you think you know”

Doctor Strange is the next movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now it’s time to check out the trippy world of Strange.

Let’s talk about the best thing and that’s the visuals. They are so trippy, imaginative and mind blowing. There’s one part where Strange’s fingers turn into little hands and those fingers on the little hands turn into little hands and so on. I know it’s called Doctor Strange but this is ridiculous. The climax has Doctor Strange use the Eye of Agamotto to reverse time and while there fighting Kaecilius everything is going backwards. The trippy visuals help make the action scenes very creative and awesome to watch. I can see this movie getting nominated at the Academy Awards for best visual effects. I’d even goes as far and predicting this movie to win.

There are also other great stuff too. Benedict Cumberbatch is a fantastic choice for Doctor Strange. The comedy is also fun. I think one of the funniest scenes was where Doctor Strange uses his powers to take some books while Wong is listening to Beyonce. The way Strange defeats Dormammu is also clever and funny. The cloak of levitation reminds me a lot of the magic carpet from Aladdin. It’s a object that feels like a character.

The movie however does have the same problems that most Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have. One is the formula. This rich successful guy gets into an accident and is permanently changed. He uses this change and becomes a superhero. Notice how similar that is to Iron Man? The other problem is the villain. Kaecilius is just your typical “I want immortality” type of villain.  He’s not even the main villain, he’s just a henchmen to Dormammu which thank god he wasn’t this some giant space fart like Galactus. At least Dormammu looked cool.

The post credit scenes are really nice. The one with Thor sets up Thor Ragnarok. I hope Doctor Strange will be in Thor Ragnarok.

If I were to rank this movie I’d rank it near the same level as Ant Man. I can’t decide which one is better but there both really good movies.

+ Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange
+ Great visuals
+ Fun Comedy
– Same Marvel formula
– The villain again

Score: A-

Spoilers: Who else knew ahead of time that the Eye of Agamotto was an infinity stone? Because I did.


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