Kubo and the Two Strings review


This was number 1 on my top 10 most anticipated movies of 2016 and it’s time to review it. The review does have spoilers so fair warning.

It’s no surprise that the animation is wonderful. This might be Laika’s most beautiful animated movie they have done so far. The characters move very smoothly and the world is amazing to look at. The giant skeleton which is the largest stop motion puppet in history is great. When I was at Universal Hollywood this year I saw this top half of the skeleton and trust me it’s huge.

Spoilers: The reveal of Monkey and Beetle actually being Kubo’s parents are surprising and clever. It also made it heartbreaking when they are killed by Kubo’s aunt. I’m shocked that this film took the risk of killing off most of the main characters you barely see that in animated movies.

The story is kind of like a Greek adventure story because the hero is searching for a mcguffin and goes through obstacles to get them. It flows very well and the theme of sacrifice is handle well. The story however has the one flaw I have with this movie and its in the end. Kubo does not actually use the objects he found on his adventure and the part of beginning the Moon King to life and wiping his memories was odd. It’s weird because endings in Laika films are well done, Coraline’s ending was sweet, Paranorman’s third half is the best part, and the villain’s death in The Boxtrolls was shocking. It’s not a bad ending it’s just not the ending I thought should happen.

This might be my favorite Laika film now and one of my favorite movies this year. I’m not sure if  either Finding Dory or Kubo is my favorite movie this year but there both very close.

+ Wonderful animation
+ Character twists
+ Took risks
+ Great story though…..
– The ending

Score: A


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