Sausage Party review

Sausage party

Sausage Party is kind of the rated R version of The Lego Movie. Both movie were thought to just be popcorn fun movies but turn out to be surprisingly deep with there stories. While The Lego Movie’s theme was about creativity, Sausage Party’s theme was about religion. The foods see humans as gods and they thing that being bought takes them to the Great Beyond.  The characters are very fun and there reactions to foods getting cooked or eaten is hilarious.

Disney composer Alan Menken famous for The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast wrote the opening song “The Great Beyond”. It’s really funny even if it does have a Hitler reference. I was surprised that the song is actually a plot device to hide the truth from the food. It also turns out that the song was changed to view aisle’s different views.

The comedy is really funny and makes sure food puns don’t go to waste.It’s great when a movie doesn’t center only on joke after joke and actually tells a story. Some jokes are little inappropriate at times and the violence while not offensive can get a little violent at times. I think the most dirty the movie gets is the ending orgy scene which goes on for a little too long then it should have. At least the last scene with the reveal that the foods are all cartoon characters is worth getting through it.

Sausage Party is a fun rated R animated movie that has deep meaning to it.

+ Theme of religion
+ The characters
+ Very funny
+The song
– A bit gory
– Orgy scene at the end

Score: B


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