Suicide Squad review

suicide sqaud

When I first heard of this movie I wasn’t looking forward to it. Joker looked too creepy and more like a cereal killer. The promotional campaign for this movie however made the film very colorful compared to the dark and gritty Batman vs Superman. This made me more excited.

The team members are actually enjoyable. Deadshot is well rounded and sympathetic. Harley Quinn has funny moments and Killer Croc is like DC’s version of Groot. El Diabro, Captain Boomerang, and Katana also have there awesome moments. The members also get their back stories shown with clever cameos of Batman and the Flash.

Joker is surprisingly barely in the movie even though the promos made him look like a major character.The enchantress is a very weak villain and it’s odd that  Amanda Waller has her under her care in the beginning and when there off on the mission she makes Dr. June turn into the enchantress. Also the enchantress’s brother looks stupid.

While the humor is what keeps me from not enjoying this movie the plot is still weird. So basically the squad is sent on the mission before the enchantress turns on Amanda and decides to destroy the world.  It would more sense if the enchantress turn on them then the squad are sent.

It has the similar problems as Batman vs Superman but I think Suicide Squad is the better movie.

+ The team
+ Good humor
+ Batman and Flash cameos
– Joker
– The villain
– Weak story

Score: C

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