My Top 20 Favorite Pixar Movies

Now with 20 Pixar Movies It feels appropriate to list out my top 20. These are based on my opinions not that people consider the best in general.


How dare this movie swipe the Oscar from Wreck it Ralph. I really felt that Pixar could have done so much more with this movie. Merida could have been a cool tomboy princess, it could have been an action packed story with magic and battles. What did we get? Merida is just a whiny, angry, teenager and the queen gets turned into a bear. This is honestly the most disappointing one in my opinion. Not horrendous but there should have been something better then this.

19.The Good Dinosaur:

I already talked about this in my top 11 favorite movies of 2015 list (which I now regret putting it on). While the landscapes are beautiful, but the characters and the story just seem recycled. The only thing that really stood out to me was that it seemed like a western movie with dinosaurs.

18. Cars 2:

You thought this would be last place did you? Cars 2 felt like the most unnecessary of the movies. It’s funny at times but not much to make this a great movie. The villain’s evil plan while interesting is seems complicated. The reveal of the real villain is also obvious. There’s surprisingly a lot violence in this one, for movie where everyone’s a car, one car turns into a cube and another explodes.  While it isn’t a good movie its not harmful. It is definitely the weakest of the Pixar movies.

17. Monsters, Inc.:

The idea of monsters scaring kids for energy is clever. It’s also funny that the monsters are afraid of children too which gives a lot of funny reactions from the characters. The reason it’s low on my list is because it didn’t really pull me in that much. The characters are good but not memorable as Toy Story, the little girl is cute though annoying at times, and the villains are forgettable and predictable. The climax is really fun having them enter many closets such as Hawaii, China, and Paris to find Boo’s door.

16. Monsters University:

Nostalgia Critic says that if you’ve seen 80s college movies, you’ve seen Monsters University. I haven’t so I don’t hate this film that much. Some of the challenges in the Scare Games are fun and the members of Oozma Kappa are fun too.  What puts this higher then the first one is the ending. I was actually shocked that the two got expelled and there was no deus ex machina that got them back in the college. They do manage to get jobs as mail worker at Monster Inc. and climb the ranks later to work on the scare floor.

15. Cars: 

This does seem like the most cliched of the Pixar movies. The designs of the cars are nice some actually look like real cars. The ending where Lightning Mcqueen stops and pushes The King (who just crashed) pass the finish line was heartwarming and selfless act. I loved that this movie is aware that they use John Ratzenberger for every Pixar movie. I even liked that they got the same actors from the first three Pixar movies to do cameos in the end credits.

14. Cars 3:

In my opinion the best Cars movie. I will admit that Cars 3 has probably the most forgettable Pixar villain ever. Lightning Mcqueen’s emotional arc is done very well and you want to see him come out ok. Cars 3 felt like a true sequel to the first one than Cars 2.

13. A Bug’s Life:

This was one of the very first movies I saw in the theaters. The environment is beautiful and feels huge. Hopper is my favorite Pixar villain, I always thought he was creepy and the way he abuses the ants emotionally and physically is tense. That makes it so satisfying to see the ants stand up to him.  The Circus bugs are really funny and give a lot of comedy to the movie. It’s low on this list because let’s face it, better Pixar movies came out later which lowered A Bug’s Life down. Still a good movie though why would they leave the food pile next to a cliff?!

12. Ratatouille:

Ratatouille is the second Pixar movie directed by Brad Bird. The movie definitely has that Brad Bird design to it. The music is very nice and helps give the atmosphere a lot of depth. The critic’s review in the ending is very powerful and a good lesson to critics or anyone who wants to review something. A problem I have with this movie is that there’s a lot of plots going on in the movie and it goes all over the place. Other then that Ratatouille is still a cute movie to watch.

11. Toy Story 3:

I know it’s low on this list but it was still a great way to end the Toy Story series. I realize that grew up with the Toy Story series. I was born on the same year as the first Toy Story, I remember seeing Toy Story 2 in the theaters, and Toy Story 3 came out the same year I graduated middle school. Honestly while I like the film I do think it’s a little too intense and dramatic compared to the first two. Lotso is a strong villain and his backstory mirrors a lot to what Woody has gone through. Bonnie’s new toys are likable too.

10. Finding Nemo: 

I used to think this was overrated but now I really do like this movie. This is my opinion was the most emotional and dramatic of the Pixar films when it first came out. The opening scene where Marlin’s wife and children are eaten is very powerful and it makes his over-protectiveness over Nemo very understandable. Dory is a great character which is no wonder why she got her own movie. The music and atmosphere is really beautiful and you feel like you under water.

9. The Incredibles:

I was so excited for this movie and it paid off wonderfully. This is probably the most adult of the Pixar and maybe even Disney animated movies.  The family is likable and there powers are well done too. Syndrome is a great and relatable villain. His plan is interesting which is making a giant robot to fight and then later sell is weapons so that everyone can be super. The action is awesome and the music is wonderful to listen too especially the end credits music. A problem I do have is that some of the characters such as Frozone and Edna Mode either disappear for most of the movie or disappear completely. The Incredibles is the most badass Pixar movie that still has a lot of heart to it.

8. Coco: 

The Book of Life mixed with Footloose. The Land of the Dead is really cool and the movie explains how the world works. Remember Me is a great song not just because is memorable but also because it’s important  to the plot. It’s no wonder that it won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

7. Inside Out: 

Again, I talked about this in my top 11 favorite movies of 2015. What can I say? It’s a wonderful movie. The characters are great. The story is great. Its just so great. Before I saw this movie I thought to myself about the fact that only one emotion out of five seem positive and others are negative. But this movie showed that each emotion has a purpose and that it’s healthy to show those emotion.

5/6. Finding Dory and Incredibles 2: 

Sorry I can’t decide whether Finding Dory or Incredibles 2 is better. I’ve come to like the first ones more when I got older and now watching the sequels I surprisingly like them more. I love Finding Dory for it’s score and emotional story (I don’t cry at movies but Dory almost got me) and I love Incredibles 2 for its visual style (I loved the new logo).

4. Toy Story:

I know it’s predictable to have this near the top but it’s just so great. I loved watching this on VHS. I feel that Toy Story and the others is a battle between the past and the future. Woody being a cowboy represents the past. Buzz Lightyear represents the future. It’s great symbolism that I was surprised to realize now that I’m older. This movie is so memorable. You remember the characters, you remember the scenes, you just remember everything about this movie. It’s that great.

3. WALL-E:

At first I thought this was just gonna be silent movie with just the two robots which honestly would be boring to me. The relationship between Wall-e and Eve is wonderful. I also like the Axiom and the robots that work on the ship. This was the first Pixar movie that made me notice A113 (cleverly has an important role in here) and made me go back to every Pixar movie to find it and the Pixar movies to come. Much like Finding Nemo (same director was this one) the music and atmosphere are great especially in the dancing in space scene.

2. Toy Story 2:

This introduced me to the world of sequels. I even remember getting the McDonald toys. This movie manage to continue the story of the series instead of rehashing the first one. That’s what makes a great sequel. They even manage to bring back a delusional Buzz Lightyear in a clever way without rehashing. I thought it was so clever that other characters that being Hamm, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, and Rex were brought along on the adventure with Buzz instead of just staying at the house again. The new characters like Jesse and Bullseye are great too and I love when a character introduced in a sequel like Yoda, Toph, and Puss in Boots become main characters for the rest of the series instead of just appearing only in one movie. Everything from the comedy and drama is great too. Woody’s hero arc is great because he and even the audience is not sure whether going back home or staying in Japan is the best solution. Toy Story 2 is not only as a good as Toy Story, its even better.

1. Up:

Up isn’t just my favorite Pixar movie, it’s not just one of my favorite animated movies, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time. When I was in middle school a met a kid who was a fan of Pixar and Dreamworks, we started to discuss about the movies and we became friends quickly. On his birthday he invited me and some of his other friends to see Up and I love everything about the movie. The first 10 minutes are wonderful and emotional and the rest of the movie is just as great. I love the characters, the story, the music, and of course the animation. It’s no wonder this got nominated for Best Picture. It made me so happy to find out the Nostalgia Critic’s favorite Pixar movie (at one point) as this movie. Up balances comedy, dramatic, and sad moments so perfectly. Which is why Up is my favorite Pixar movie ever.

Leave of comment saying how you would rank the Pixar the movies.


  1. skoce · July 31, 2016

    Good list. We clearly disagree on a few points, but with Pixar a lot of it is strictly about personal preference since most of their movies are so good. I can’t argue with your #1; Up is a fantastic film.

    You definitely underrated The Incredibles, though.


    • jacobsonbblog · September 22, 2016

      Thanks, where would you rank Inside Out, and Finding Dory?


  2. Maxle2000 · September 26, 2016

    Great list. 🙂 I am thinking of doing the same one myself at some point, just as soon as I think of what to say without repeating myself too much (‘cos several Pixar movies appear on my other lists).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Miles Ndukwe · January 1, 2021

    This is great! I also had similar issues with Brave and A Bug’s Life. And I agree, Toy Story 2 is the best in the teratology in my opinion.


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