Star Trek Beyond review

star trek beyond

Me personally I am more of a Star Wars fan then a Star Trek fan. But I do like some of the movies. The first Star Trek from 2009 was a really good setup for the reboot and I also really liked Star Trek Over Darkness even if the last half rip offs Wrath of Khan.

I really liked the actions scenes. The scene where Krall and his ships attack the enterprise is very intense because there giving everything they got and yet the enterprise is still destroyed. The climax is also a lot of fun. The way they defeat most of the ships with music is both awesome and funny and the fight between Kirk and Krall is nice too.

The characters are still likable and fun to watch. Though I am confused on why Dr. Carol Marcus who joined the starfleet at the end of Star Trek Over Darkness is shockingly not in this movie. Jaylah was a very nice addiction. I always like those alien characters that take Earth things serious like Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy, Peridot from Steven Universem, or Starfire from Teen Titans.

If I had a problem it’s that Krall is kind of the weak villain compared to Khan from Star Trek Over Darkness. I actually thought the twist where we find out that Krall was once human was surprising and I liked how in the end he looked more human even to the point of wearing a captain shirt. But even so there’s still not much to him other then the twist.

It really was a shame that Leonard Nimoy died which is why we got a plot point about Spock reacting to Ambassador Spock’s death. The scene where Spock looks at a old picture of the crew (which has the original actors) was very heartwarming and a little sad too. It’s also sad that Anton Yelchin died a month before the movie came out. 😦 I was very happy that there was a tribute to both actors in the end credits.

Star Trek Beyond is a very fun movie and definitely one that Star Trek fans will like.

+ Action scenes
+ Jaylah
+ Photo tribute
+ Villain Twist
– Krall is a meh villain

Score: B+

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