Ghostbusters review


This is not a bulldozer! This is not a fudgesicle! And how is this Ghostbusters 2!? ūüė°

Now with that reference out of the way, let’s get to the review. This is a reboot of the 1984 comedy Ghostbusters. The difference is that the Ghostbusters are all girls. This movie was panned even before the movie came out and I was getting so sick of hearing hate about it. All I see is just a female version of Ghostbsuters, that’s it. The movie is actually enjoyable even if it was kind of pointless.

The Ghostbusters themselves are very likable and funny. Erin is good as the only sane one of the group, Melissa McCarthy is also enjoyable as Abby, Patty gets a lot of laughs¬†and Jillian is so insane and probably the best character in the movie.¬†Chris Hemsworth as¬†Kevin is so enjoyably stupid. It almost makes you forget that it’s Thor.

The villain is incredibly weak and forgettable. His plan is to make a portal for ghost to pop out and he planned to kill himself to make this work. He just seems like just some weird creep who doesn’t even look that threatening. The movie is also a little too much like the original movie. The climax is them battling a giant version of a mascot.

Spoilers: Rowan turns into a 2D animated version of the Ghostbuster’s logo before turning into the giant logo. Nothing big on this but I just thought the little animation on the logo was cute and I wanted to talk about it.

Ghostbusters isn’t anywhere near as good as the original but still a fun movie to enjoy if your a Ghostbuster fan.

+ The Ghostbusters
+ Kevin
+ Funny
– The villain
– Recycles a little from the first one

Score: C+


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