Top 10 Favorite Cartoons of the 2010s

Thank You Mr. Rhapsodist for accepting my suggestion. Now to show how grateful I am. I will show my top 10 favorite cartoons that were released after 2010. I’ll do my top 10 cartoons of all time another time.

Honorable Mentions:
Over the Garden Wall: I almost forgot this one, but since it’s just a miniseries I didn’t include it. This however does have great animation, great atmosphere, and great songs, reminds me a lot of Fall.

10. The Legend of Korra: Good lead up from Avatar the Last Airbender. Korra is a good protagonist because she grows from a violent teenager into a more peaceful adult.

9. BoJack Horseman: It’s only at number 9 because I haven’t watched a lot in a while. While the animation and character designs are weird at times, the writing and comedy is very well done.

8.The Loud House: I already reviewed this but I’ll say it, Nickelodeon is back! The characters are likable, and the comedy is funny.

7.Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Star is a great protagonist, I love her energy and enthusiasm. I can’t wait for season 2.

6.We Bare Bears: Ice Bear is the best. The three bears are so likable and funny and I also like how people just take the fact that there are bears walking around the city. Also, remember in Inside Out where Disgust said there are no bears in San Francisco? Boy was she wrong.

5.Bob’s Burgers: The first season is just OK, it gets better over time. I think that this is the best Fox cartoon on right now.

4.Rick and Morty: To me Rick and Morty is like the rated R version of Gravity Falls. Rick is one of the best jerks in cartoons and comedy is some of the best I’ve seen in cartoons.  A problem I do have is that we have to wait for more then a year for the next season, and I thought waiting for Gravity Falls was ridiculous.

3.Gravity Falls: Out of all the cartoons on this list, this was the cartoon I always looked forward to since there would only be one or two episodes a month. I love the character designs, animation, and backgrounds. While it sadly only lasted two seasons, so much effort was put in and it paid of as one of the best Disney cartoons ever. Fun Fact: this show takes place in Oregon which is where I live.

2.My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: I really like this cartoon. I think the mane 6 have distinct personalities and work off each other very well. The world of Equestira is great and interesting to explore. Starlight Glimmer was a nice addition even if she’s only appeared for five episodes of season 6 so far.

1. Steven Universe: I’ve talked so much about this show but who can blame me, it’s a great cartoon.


  1. Alex Willging · July 1, 2016

    I like your list, even if I haven’t seen some of these shows (yet). Also, I can’t believe I didn’t include Gravity Falls on my own list, but then again, I had to make room for some nostalgic choices.


  2. jacobsonbblog · October 30, 2020

    Now that the 2010 decade is over this list is kind of outdated.
    Here’s the revised list.
    10. We Bare Bears
    9. Amphibia
    8.Infnity Train
    7.Bob’s Burgers
    4.Gravity Falls
    3.MLP FIM
    2.Rick and Morty
    1.Steven Universe


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