Voltron: Legendary Defender Review


Voltron: Legendary Defender is a remake of the famous anime Voltron.  Five boys find five lion robots that combine into one giant robot. Now they must work together to fight evil.  It’s a simple though a little too familiar story.

The animation is great and helps make the action incredible. Most of the people working on this show worked on Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. It clearly shows because the character designs make it  look like there characters from Avatar and Korra.

The characters are also good. I like how the lions represent the characters. Though the villain is just a generic take over the world type of villain and even the witch is just a generic witch character. I was very surprised finding out that Pidge was actually a girl. At first you’d think oh he’s played by an actress well so is Bart Simpson, but then it actually is a hint that Pidge is a female. When I saw the picture she had I thought it was Pidge and “his” girlfriend. Then it turns out that it’s her brother. I liked the flashbacks of how she came to be what she is now.

A problem I have is that the season ends on a cliffhanger. It’s not a bad cliffhanger, it just felt like an ending to the second to last episode of the season.

Despite the cliffhanger, Voltron is a fun action cartoon that get’s us excited for next season.

+Great Animation
+Good characters
+Pidge twist
-Familiar story
-Uninteresting villain

Score: 7.8


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