Top 10 Favorite Gravity Falls Episodes

With summer beginning, I think it would be a good time  to show my top 10 favorite episodes of Gravity Falls.

10.Dungeons Dungeons and More Dungeons: I liked seeing Dipper and Ford Bond playing the game. J.K Simmons as Ford is a great choice. The reaction Mabel reacting to the rules of the game is hilarious. I will admit that Weird Al’s role in this episode was kind of weak compared his other cameos but it was still good.

9. Not What He Seems: This is pretty much everyone’s favorite episode when it came out. It would be a crime to leave this out. It does have problems that keep it from being number 1 or 2. My biggest problem is that Wendy only appears in only one shot, while it is a funny scene she should have been part of the gang throughout the whole episode. The best part of the episode is the last third. It was very intense,epic, and emotional. The reveal of the author of the journals is incredible and a great payoff. That shot where Ford reveals himself is still chilling today. Despite my problems with the episode it is epic change for the show and a nice introduction for a new character.

8. Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality: While it doesn’t have the same epic feel like the previous or the next episode, it still is a good episode. It concludes to conflict between Dipper and Mabel and they finally come to age with growing up. Jon Stewart’s cameo was funny. The ending with all the surviving characters in the Mystery Shack was both awesome, funny, and made out excited for the finale.

7. Bottomless Pit!: Gravity Fall’s version of Treehouse of Horrors. Each story is creative and funny.  ” The story Trooth Ache! has a nice scene where Mabel who doesn’t like seeing his uncle lie (that’s gonna bite her in the butt later) had to lie in order to protect him. Grunkle Stan’s speech about life is one of the funniest and messed up scenes in the show. My favorite story was Grunkle Stan wins the football bowl. I want to see whole episode based on that.

6. Blendin’s Game: Soos is my favorite Gravity Falls character because of his humor and likable attitude which reminds me a lot of Ed from Ed Edd n Eddy. So don’t be surprised that this episode is on the list. What makes me really like this episode is that it’s shows how much Dipper and Mabel are willing to go to make Soos happy. The friendship between the twins and Soos is heartwarming and the joke with young Wendy thinking Dipper was cute was funny.  The Globnar game is only in the last third of the episode but it does lead to a very funny anti climatic joke. Blendin’s Game is a really fun episode even if there’s not a lot of reveals.

5. Tourist Trapped: I know this is the pilot but still a great pilot at that. What I really like about this episode is it’s mix of comedy and foreshadowing. For example, the scene where Dipper tells Mabel that her new boyfriend Norman is a zombie. He tries showing him a picture of a zombie but accidentally shows him a picture of gnomes. Later it turns out that Norman is actually gnomes disguised as a human. Nothing big in terms of mystery but a nice way to start the show.

4. Headhunters: This is mostly on my list for nostalgia due to it being the very first episode of Gravity Falls I saw. This episode did a great job introducing the plot of Gravity Falls to me. This episode surprisingly now has a lot more deep meaning to it now ever since Not What He seems came out. Back then you’d think Stan was upset about his wax figure having it’s head chopped off was of self pride. But now that we know that he has a brother makes it more heartbreaking. The twist with the wax figures being the culprits was clever and funny.

3. Weirdmageddon Part I: This episode has almost everything that I want in an Gravity Falls. The new intro was fantastic. The car chase climax with the weirdness bubbles was both badass, hilarious, and awesome. Wendy finally got some well deserved screen time and development. The only flaw I find with this episode is that Mabel was barely in it, check that, Kristin Schaal the voice of Mabel doesn’t have any lines. Its like having an episode of Ed Edd n Eddy without Edd or not speaking, it just doesn’t seem right. It’s only a nitpick, this episode was just so awesome.

2. Into the Bunker: Until number 1 came out this was my favorite episode of the series. They finally give Wendy a lot of screen time. She did so much here like opening the bunker door, finding out the secret tunnel, and spotting the imposter who we thought was the author. Mark Hamill was great and creepy as the shapeshifter. The climax between Dipper, Wendy vs the shapeshifter was great and intense. The ending was very touching and a nice close to the whole Dipper’s crush on Wendy arc (who really cared about that arc?).

1.Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls: Don’t be surprised that this is number 1. Wow, what a wonderful way to end this show! This 1 hour episode has everything that I wanted in the finale. Returning characters, call backs, good payoffs and a satisfying ending. The battle between the Mystery Shack robot and Bill’s minions is awesome. Bill Cipher’s death was epic and the way the Pines Family defeat is great even if it had nothing to due with the wheel prophecy. The ending was so heartwarming and a little sad since it’s the end of the show. To be honest I have no problems with this episode at all.  Take Back the Falls is in my opinion not just the greatest episode of Gravity Falls but the greatest series finale of any cartoon I have ever seen.


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