Steven Universe In Too Deep Part 4 Review

Steven Universe In Too Deep has finally come to a close. I think Peridot’s smile from Barn Mates sums up my feelings about this episode. The episode continues from where Barn Mates ended. Five rubies pop out of the spaceship and decide to search for the leader of the Earth mission in the barn. Steven tells them to play a baseball game so that they can enter the barn if they win.

The chemistry between Ruby and Sapphire takes a new level of sweet which becomes a problem for baseball team. The scene where Sapphire runs home to Ruby is adorable (Come to ME!). I also enjoyed the 5 rubies. They have different and enjoyable personalities. I loved watching the gems play off each other and the comedy also really helps. I like how it turns out that the Rubies were just looking for Jasper which kind of shows how little importance peridots have on Homeworld.

This is one of my favorite episodes of the show now. I’d probably place this as my second favorite episode.

+ Ruby and Sapphire
+ The 5 rubies
+ The Comedy
+ Gems playing baseball
+ Ending twist

Score: 9.5



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