May Recap


Captain America Civil War: One of the best Marvel movies and one of the best movies of 2016 so far. A

Justice League vs. Teen Titans: Better then that show that must not be named. Though for a movie that’s called Justice League vs. Teen Titans, there’s not a lot of it. Good character though. C-

Keanu: Funny but it doesn’t focus on the cat that much. C-

Castle in the Sky: I like the adventure feel of this movie. For an animated movie, the animation and art is great. B+

The Angry Birds Movie: Good voice talent, meh comedy though. Did you know Ian and Anthony of Smosh is in this?  C+

Alice through the Looking Glass: Not as good as the first one but it’s fine. C

X-men Apocalypse: Not the best Marvel movie this year but a good continuation of the X men series. B

TV shows:

Steven Universe: The best cartoon on right now has returned. A+

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Still good. Can’t wait to see Fluttershy’s brother. A

The Loud House: A good reason to watch Nickelodeon again. A-



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