Alice Through The Looking Glass Review


I consider the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland a guilty pleasure despite it’s flaws.

The movie is much more colorful than the previous one but sadly the story is more of a mess then the previous one too. The characters like the white rabbit, and the Cheshire cat have minor roles compared to the previous movie.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Time is good. I really liked his design and his kingdom which is shaped like a giant clock. I was also surprised to see that Time was not really a villain unlike what the trailers made him out to be.

However this give the movie with no clear villain or big threat. The closest threat is the Red Queen. The movie gives her a back story. She became evil because it turns out that the Mad Hatter laughed at her big head which made her loose her temper and ruin her coronation. It then turns out that she got her big head all because she hid her head on the floor while running away because her sister accused her for eating the last tart. Yeah that’s are villain. All because of a tart.

The story has a lot of plot holes. For example, Alice steals the chronosphere so that she can go back in time to find out about Mad Hatter’s family. Yet Time follows her in another time vehicle (which looks silly even for Alice in Wonderland). So what wast he point on stealing the chronosphere (which removed from the great clock destroys all of Underland and time)? She could have used the vehicle that Time uses later. She even uses it to to catch up to the Red Queen near the end. It’s just a weird plot hole that messes up the story.

I don’t think it’s a good to me that is as the first movie but it’s a fine time waister for people to watch.

+Visually nicer
-Plot holes
– No clear villain
– Characters feel minor



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