The Loud House review


loud house

My first TV show review :). When I saw the pilot back in 2014, I thought yeah this would be a promising cartoon. When it finally became a show this month it didn’t disappoint me. The premise is simple, Lincoln is the middle child of a family of 10 sisters, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and Lily (the parents must have had a lot of free time). You’d think that 11 main characters is too crowded but creator Chris Savino managed to make it work.

Lincoln is a likable main character. He tries to deal with problems in the house and when he makes a mistake he tries to fix it. Lincoln’s sisters are also very likable. All of them are well established, there designed to fit their personalities, and don’t feel like one-dimensional stereotypes of girls. It is hard to remember which name goes to which character at first but you’ll catch on. My favorite sisters are Leni and Lucy. Even Linoln’s best friend Clyde is very likable.

The style of the show is a lot like the Sunday funnies like Charlie Brown or Garfield. It makes up for good designs, good backgrounds, and even the title cards are a lot like a comic strip. The actually feels like a Nicktoons show you’d see in the 2000’s or 1990’s.

The show is also heartwarming at times. The relationships between Lincoln and the sisters feels genuine. Some of them fight like in the Sweet Spot episode, but hey siblings fight but they still love each other dearly. I think the best example of how heartwarming this show is was in the episode Picture Perfect. Lincoln wanted to make a better picture by altering the sisters appearances because he thought that the original picture was too much of themselves. Lincoln walks through the house looking at the new picture and observing his sisters’ true personalities, he sees how happy they are and begins to feel guilty about the way how he viewed them. It’s a very heartwarming moment because we see that Lincoln loves and cares for his family.

One problem I do have is that the show does have toilet humor. I still can’t believe they got a away with a nosebleed! It can also get mean spirited at times, from episodes that won’t be mentioned here.

The Loud is one of my favorite Nickelodeon shows and definitely the best one on right now. I’m really glad this got renewed for a second season.

+Great characters
+Simple premise
+ Animation style
+ A lot of heart
– Mean spirited at times

Score: B+


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