Steven Universe In Too Deep Part 2 Review

Steven Universe In Too Deep continues with the return of Lapis Lazuli.

I liked watching Steven and Lapis intereract without any disasters such as the mirror or Jasper. Seeing them fly reminds me a lot of Aladdin. Lapis’s backstory is interesting and explains a lot of the question I have had about her.,

One problem I did have was the whole Steven looking for lion scene. It’s not bad, it’s just unnecessary, unresolved, and was only there just so Steven can find Lapis.

The ending was a funny way to buildup next week.  Peridot is so inoscent while Lapis is so demanding for her new home for herself. Steven is left in a difficult situation that will be the main topic in Barn Mates. It’s a good cliffhanger. To quote Steven at the end “oh boy”.

+Steven and Lapis
+Lapis backstory
+Funny ending
-Where is lion?

Score: A-

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