Steven Universe In Too Deep Part 1 Review

Finally Steven Universe has returned and it had a big start. I will be doing a review for the next Steven Universe episodes since they are part of the In Too Deep event, but when there’s a Steven Bomb I will review all of them at once.

I was surprised on how both Super Watermelon Island and Gem Drill were connected much like (Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem) and (The Return and Jailbreak). While the fight between Alexandrite vs Malachite was leaked months ago it’s still an awesome fight. I really liked the star iris at the end of Super Watermelon Island. It’s emotional and a good leadway to the next episode. We finally get to see the cluster which looked interesting.

One problem I did have was that the payoff with the cluster was rushed a little. This could have been saved for a season finale but its just a nitpick.

These are probably my favorite episodes of 2016 so far but I can’t wait to see what happen with Lapis and maybe Yellow Diamond.

+ Both episodes are connected
+Alexandrite vs Malachite
+Star iris at the end of the watermelon episode
+The cluster
-Anti climax to the cluster arc
-Those darn leaks

Super Watermelon Island: A
Gem Drill: A


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