My Top 20 Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of my favorite movie series and honestly my favorite superhero movie series of all time. Now that Captain America Civil War has come out I thought I’d show how I rank the Marvel movies. I’m excluding movies such as X-men and Spider man, even if I included them most of the top Marvel movies would just be Avengers movies.

20.The Incredible Hulk: 

Never saw the 2003 version of Hulk. I don’t think its a bad movie, I don’t think its really a strong movie. The one  thing I do like about this movie is that it’s not a remake of the other Hulk movie since you see his origin in the opening credits. Still this movie is kind of boring and the fights scenes are just decent. You can just take this out and I wouldn’t effect the series. The only reason this connects to the other movies is because Iron Man is in this.

19.Iron Man 2:

It’s not bad but not as good as the other movies. The story is all over the place and doesn’t go anywhere. Iron Man’s ego does get a little annoying and the villain is kind of weak. Iron Man dealing with the celebrity life of being a hero is ok. Nice introduction of Black Widow and the movies does show new suits. I really like the Iron Man suit that looks like a briefcase. Whats the deal with that stupid pee in the suit joke?


I never knew that Thor was a superhero when this came out. Asgard looks gigantic and beatiful. It’s a shame that it barely takes place in Asgard. The scenes in the desert town is ok. Thor’s prideful ego is a little irritating but it helps because Thor gets really good character development. The movie’s introduction of Loki is good. I actually thought Loki died at the end (I didn’t watch the end credits scene). While Thor isn’t my favorite Marvel superhero, this film manages to to do fantasy in the series very well.

17.Thor: The Dark World: 

I like this movie better because it at least takes place in Asgard more then the first one. Malekith might be the most forgettable and uninteresting villain the MCU. He’s not interesting, his plan is not ineresting, even his design is not interesting. Captain America’s cameo was clever and funny. Loki is also funny. Who could forget the “I think you missed a colum” joke? While not the most memorable of the series its still a good sequel to Thor.

16. Iron Man 3: 

I don’t hate the mandarin twist, just telling you. I liked how the promos tried so hard to keep the twist a secret and I do thing it’s funny. The real villain is pretty much an expy of Syndrome from The Incredibles. The people that were given extremis explode so Killian makes up the whole terrorist act to cover it up which I think is kind of clever. While not as good as the first and not as meh as the second, It’s still a fun Christmas movie. It takes place at Christmas therefore it’s a Christmas movie.

15. Avengers: Age of Ultron:

Sort of how Iron Man 2 was underwhelming compared to the first one this one is similar thought better then Iron Man 2. I remember really looking forward to this movie. I do thing its good but it doesn’t have the epic feeling you have when you watched the first movie for the first time. There are still good things in this movie. I think Ultron is more threatening then Loki and I think there’s more of a story in this one then the first movie.

14. Ant-Man and the Wasp:

Small scale and clunky story but still a fun sequel.

13. Doctor Strange: 

Not the most original origin story but still good. The special effects were incredible and mind blowing.

12. Ant-Man:

I’ve already talked about this in my top 10 movies of 2015 but I will recap what I said. This is a really fun movie. Luis is hilarious, the fight scenes are creative, and the story is well done. This movie actually reminds me a lot of Sly Cooper (one of my brother’s favorite game series) because of its heist scenes and the dynamic between the team members. Marvel took a superhero that seems ridiculous to make in to a movie and manages to succeed.

11. Captain America: The First Avenger: 

I really liked the 1940s setting of this movie. There something about setting a movie back in a past decade that makes it look really nice to look at. Chris Evans is a nice choice for Captain America and some of the other characters are good too. The reason this movie is high on the list is a personal reason. When I first saw this movie in theater seeing Nick Fury who I saw from the Iron Man movies. I was confused because I thought the Iron Man movies were separate, I stayed for the rest of the credits and my surprise I saw a teaser for The Avengers. It was amazing and surprising and showed me that these movies were connected and building up to something awesome.

10. Iron Man: 

It think Iron Man is my favorite superhero in the series. Robert Downey Jr. is pitch perfect as Iron Man. When I think of Iron Man I think of Robert. The suit looks awesome and I like seeing Iron Man train himself on how to use it. The story in this one is very strong. Its a good update on the superhero origin movie because in this movie Iron Man actually reveals his identity to the world in the end. Iron Man is a great start to a great movie series.

9. Spider-Man: Homecoming:

Probably my favorite Spider Man movie (not a huge fan of Sam Raimi and Marc Webb while I like more than Raimi did have problems). Vulture was a good villain and Tom Holland was fantastic as Spider Man.

8. Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

I think this one has the best story in terms of structure. I love Falcon. One of my favorite scenes is where Captain America and Black Widow talk to Zola and he explains that Hydra was hiding in Shield the whole time. It’s a very chilling scene. I think the idea of a villain using security on the world for protection is an interesting villain in movies and tv shows. It’s done well here too. My brother’s favorite scene in the series is where Captain America rides his motercycle and destroys a jet.

7. Captain America: Civil War: 

I like how both sides did have good and bad points and the airport scene was amazing.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:

Yondu and Rocket are great together. I still listen to the soundtrack.

5. Thor Ragnarok:

What I thought was going to be dark and edgier turned out to be a fun Flash Gordon like movie.

4. Black Panther:

Probably the best MCU about one superhero. I really like Wakanda as a location and how it works. Killmonger is also one of the few great villains in the franchises. I’m also a really big fan of the song All the Stars.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy:

This might be Marvel’s funnest movie they did. The only problem was the opening with Peter’s mom’s death. The movie looks gorgeous and the action scenes are really cool. The guardians themselves are very enjoyable especially Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Another good thing is that the post credits don’t build up or connect any of the other Marvel movies. Therefore this movie can stand on it’s own.

2. Avengers Infinity War:

It was great to see these heroes interact with each other and Thanos was a fantastic villain because he’s out to balance the universe rather than the take over it. The ending was also very risky but in the end was very shocking, dark and incredible.

1.The Avengers:

I bet none of you are surprised. This is probably one of the few movies that I anticipated so much and it satisfied me as much if not more. There’s not much of a story in this movie, but that’s not a big problem because it doesn’t need one. It’s just suppose to be a fun crossover of superheroes that were build up in there own movies. What do I even need to say, the characters are great, the action is great, the comedy is great, even the villain Loki is a great villain. It just the definition of a fun movie and why it’s not just one of my favorite Marvel movie but one of my favorite movies of all time.

Leave a comment showing how you would rank the MCU movies.

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