Captain America Civil War review


Captain America Civil War is the 13th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s hero vs hero that’s actually better then Batman vs Superman.

The reasons Steve and Tony are fighting for is done well.  Steve is against the Sokovia Accords while Tony is all game for it. They both have good points but also have had points as well. It leads to good drama in the climax.

Black Panther is a nice addition. I was surprised that he had a much bigger role in this movie then just some hero added just to make fans happy. Tom Holland as Spider Man is the best version of the web slinger and the best character in the movie. He steals the show whenever he’s on screen and he gets a fair share of screen time whether then just being a 5 minute cameo.

The airport scene is the best action scene in the whole series. The action is awesome and wonderfully choreographed. The jokes are funny too. Giant Man is awesome. Every character gets a moment to be awesome and not feel left out. It mixes epicness and fun at the same time very well.

A problem I do have is the villain Helmut Zemo.  He was just here just so the movie could have a villain and not make Iron Man the villain either. His backstory is tragic and it is refreshing that the main villain is not killed off in the end. He’s not bad, he’s just not the most memorable villain.

Captain America Civil War is better then Batman vs Superman in every way. It’s an epic start to the third phase of MCU and an epic start for summer movies this year. Whether you choose Team Iron Man or Team Captain America you will be amazed by one of the best  marvel movies ever.

+Steven and Tony have good reasons
+Each hero has good moments
+Spider man
+Black Panther
+The airport fight
– Zemo is just here to be the villain

Score: A



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