Top 10 Favorite episodes of Steven Unverse


With Steven Universe returning on one week. It would be appropriate to show my top 10 favorite episodes of Steven Universe. Steven Universe is one of my all time favorite cartoons of all time!. Ed Edd n Eddy is still my favorite cartoon for personal nostalgia. It has great characters, comedy, drama, and of course episodes.

10.Together Breakfast: This is the earliest episode on this list. It establishes the characters very well by showing their rooms. Pearl’s room is more peaceful and clean while Amethyst’s room is more messy and full of junk. While its not the best episode it definitely shows the life of Steven and his gem guardians very well. It’s an good episode of a balanced cartoons.

9.Mirror Gem: Note to self: never piss off Garnet. At first this episode seems to be about Steven and a mirror that can communicate with him, it then takes full turn and becomes more complicated when its revealed that the mirror was actually a gem named Lapis Lazuli. The reveal of Lapis is surprising and unexpected. The mirror scenes at time can be very creepy and foreboding.

8.Ocean Gem: This is a nice continuation of Mirror Gem.  The reveal of corrupted gems is good (though I am still confused whether there crystal gems or homeworld gems). The fight between the gems and water versions of themselves is cool and it’s nice to see Steven use his shield. The background when Steven is talking Lapis is the most beautiful of the series so far.

7.Lion 3- Straight to Video: I’m noticing that a lot of Steven Universe episodes start off with something simple like this episode where lion keeps laying on Steven but then transfers into something more deep, shocking, and emotional. The scene where Steven watches Rose and Greg is touching and a nice introduction to Rose. I have a theory that lion is actually Pink Diamond shape-shifting as a lion. Gems can hide stuff in their gems.

6.Alone Together: My reaction after watching this episode: What the hell just happened?! Garnet summed up the whole episode in one line, “now go have fun!”, and that’s what this episode is, just a fun episode with no monsters, no actions scenes, its just showing Stevonie having fun being a fusion. Garnet’s excitement in Steven and Connie fusing cleverly foreshadows her being a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire.

5.Back to the Barn: This episode is on the list because it showed how strong Pearl can be (there was pretty much a Steven bomb about Pearl trying to be strong). It also gave worldbuilding to homeworld gems showing that there is more then one gem and they play a part in a caste system back on homeworld. The robots have both strengths and weaknesses and the challenges that face off in are funny.

4.Jailbreak: This is pretty much a lot of people’s favorite episode and for good reason. The reveal of Garnet being a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire is done very well and it payed off. I liked how this episode showed a different title card background showing that this is a different episode.The song Stronger then You is wonderful to listen to and it has great characterization for Garnet. This is one of the strongest and most memorable episodes of the series.

3.Rose’s Scabbard: Dylan Hysen, host of the “Overly Animated Podcast” (anyone who likes animation should check out this podcast) placed this as number one on his Top 25 favorite episodes of 2015 and I don’t blame him. This episode showed how much Pearl cared about Rose and how much she was crushed when she found out that Rose hid secrets even from her.  I am now realizing that the Lion episodes have built up to this episode. It’s ironic because this episode came out the same day as Gravity Fall’s Not What He Seems which both episodes had emotional endings.

2.Sworn to the Sword: The only flaw I have with this episode is that we never got to hear Garnet’s joke. Now that that’s out the way, this is episode was amazing. I found the Scene where Connie says that Steven is everything and that she is nothing kind of creepy but effective and the ending is also effective too. Also this episode introduced the new intro which is amazing. “Do it for him” is my favorite song from the show.

1.On the Run: Before I start explaining, Amethyst is my favorite Steven Universe character and this episode is a good example on why she is. This episode starts off as a typical running away episode but then it turns into a dramatic reveal of Amethyst’s backstory. What I love about this episode is that it changed my view the gems. At first the gems seem the same, allies of Rose and that fought creatures and that’s about it. But this episode showed that the crystal gems were more different than we thought. Jailbreak would later reveal a lot about Garnet.  The fight between Amethyst and Pearl and ending are both fantastic and emotional. All these reasons show that this is my favorite episode of Steven Universe and one of my favorite episodes of any cartoon.

Leave a comment showing your top 10 favorite episodes and believe in Steven.

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