The Jungle Book review

the jungle book

I’m noticing that live action adaptations of Disney animated movies are becoming a thing now. I enjoy the 1967 version of The Jungle Book. Not so much of the sequel. I was surprised to see that people really like this remake. Even if it has a bigger score on Rotten Tomatoes (1967:86) (2016:94).

The Jungle Book is about a man cub named Mogli who is raised by wolves. When Sher Khan returns determined the killed the man cub. Mogul must leave for the man village. Along the way, Mogli meets Baloo the bear and becomes friends with him.

I liked how instead of Mogli refusing to leave the jungle this version actually wants decides to leave so that his family an be safe. The visuals of the characters and the jungle are really nice even if its all computer animated.

Here’s something you’ll be shocked to hear. I actually really like the beginning and ending of the movie. Not the first or last to be exact, I mean the opening logo and end credits. The opening Disney logo is a cel animated castle which quickly zooms into the jungle where we also hear The Jungle Book overture from the 1967 version. It is really cute and I didn’t see it coming. The end credits, I liked because it shows the exact book from the opening of the original. It just seem so clever and nostalgic, I has to stay for most of the credits because the visuals were cool.

One problem I do have with this movie is Kaa. Not that Kaa had a gender change, but because she’s only in one scene. Another problem I have is that it seems to depend on the old movie too much. The first movie while not faithful to the book still worked on it’s own. This just seemed to combine both the book and the movie and I just seems more mashed up.

The Jungle Book is probably the best live action adaptation that Disney has done. It feels like a love letter to Walt Disney’s last Disney movie he made.

+Opening Disney Logo
+Cute homages to the original
+End Credits
-Kaa is barely in it
-Doesn’t stand on it’s own

Score: B

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