March Recap

New change, for TV shows instead of giving a score for episodes, I will give a score to TV shows with new episodes in the month. Also to movies not just released this year but movies I watched for the first time.


Zootopia: A great animated movie about prejudice while still being very fun. A

10 Cloverfield Lane: The alien at the end seemed out of place. Good and creepy performance from John Goodman though, but still not really my type of movie. C-

Grimsby: Funny but way too inappropriate.  Warning: this movie contains a messed up scene with elephants. D

Batman vs Superman: Its better then what people are saying. Though let’s face it, Captain America Civil War is going to be the better movie. C

The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938: A really fun and colorful to look at movie. The action is good for its time and the actor who plays Robin Hood is wonderful. It reminds me a lot of The Wizard of Oz and the Disney version of Robin Hood. B+

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Watched it again at the Mount Hood theater. Still my favorite movie of 2015 and one of my favorite Star Wars movies. A+


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: The opening episode was a good start for season 6. One of my favorite shows. A

We Bare Bears: Really cute and fun animated show to watch while still waiting for Steven Universe to come back. A-



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