My Little Pony Season 6: The Crystalling review

My Little Pony returns with season 6. Starlight Glimmer is now Twilight Sparkle’s student who lives with her in her castle. I always thought that one of these seasons will end with Twilight getting a student and now I has become real.

I’m really happy that Starlight was added into the intro. I really enjoyed the relationship between Starlight and Spike. I bet spike will become Starlight’s newest assistant. The conclusion of the conflict between Starlight and Sunburst is also done well too.

The Two parter however does have problems. The new baby Flurry Heart is honestly just an average baby character. Her powers are unstable which almost caused the Crystal empire to be frozen and honestly there’s not much to her. Another problem with this two parter is that it doesn’t have the same epic feel that the other two parters have had. Sure The Cutie Remark was epic which is probably why this one is more small in scale.

While I do think its one of the weakest (the weakest being The Crystal Empire), is isn’t one of my least favorites (least favorite being A Canterlot Wedding). Weaker doesn’t mean worst. The Crystalling is a nice way to open season 6 but I do hope that the finale will be much more epic when that comes.

+Starlight and Sunburst
+Starlight and Spike
– No epic scale
– Flurry Heart is not that interesting

Score: C+


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